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ReThink: Medication

Walk down any drug store aisle and it doesn’t take long to realize that the array of remedies for any type of ailment is unnecessarily complex. Between the confusing names and labels, the enormous quantities available, the unintelligible ingredients, and the underlying greed of drug companies subtly trying to get consumers to spend ever more, over-the-counter medication is rife with problems. Thankfully, a forward-thinking company is cutting through the clutter. Help I Need Help┬áhas unveiled a simple, no-nonsense approach to medical remedies that is based around the ailment, not the drug. Whatever your problem, Help I Need Help offers just enough to fix you up and get you going again, without wasteful packaging, extra medication left over, or unnecessary extra ingredients. In addition, Help I Need Help helps not only you, but other people who need help as well; check out their bandages to see what a simple papercut can mean for someone in need of a bone marrow transplant. One cut, one headache, one sleepless night at a time, Help I Need Help is helping to change the face of everyday medication.


ReThink: Shoes

The human foot is a marvel of engineering. Built to withstand the continual stress and strain of walking, running, jumping, dancing, and all sorts of pedestrian activity, the foot is uniquely equipped to handle all the requirements of bipedalism. However, conventional wisdom has convinced us of exactly the opposite: our feet are incomplete, insufficient by themselves to handle daily life. Feet, they say, must be enveloped in a supportive, cushy, protective enclosure; the less feet act like feet, the better they will work.

Enter Vibram, the company questioning everything we have been told about our feet. Vibram’s Five Finger line of “shoes” is liberating feet everywhere to do all the things they were meant to do, uninhibited and unrestricted by convention. Whatever the activity, Five Fingers enable newfound liberty in the pursuit as feet are unleashed to be all they were made to be. Freedom is being declared for the captives; the tyranny of oppressive shoes is being torn down. Where will your feet take you?

ReThink: Autism

1 in 110 babies born today will be diagnosed with autism, with often devastating consequences for the family. Benjamin’s Hope is meeting this challenge head-on by developing a comprehensive community of support for those affected by autism and developmental disability.

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