ReThink: Medication

Walk down any drug store aisle and it doesn’t take long to realize that the array of remedies for any type of ailment is unnecessarily complex. Between the confusing names and labels, the enormous quantities available, the unintelligible ingredients, and the underlying greed of drug companies subtly trying to get consumers to spend ever more, over-the-counter medication is rife with problems. Thankfully, a forward-thinking company is cutting through the clutter. Help I Need Help has unveiled a simple, no-nonsense approach to medical remedies that is based around the ailment, not the drug. Whatever your problem, Help I Need Help offers just enough to fix you up and get you going again, without wasteful packaging, extra medication left over, or unnecessary extra ingredients. In addition, Help I Need Help helps not only you, but other people who need help as well; check out their bandages to see what a simple papercut can mean for someone in need of a bone marrow transplant. One cut, one headache, one sleepless night at a time, Help I Need Help is helping to change the face of everyday medication.


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